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Nov 29, 2017Design

“Plant a seed and literally watch as your happiness grows! 
Grow your happiness

Welcome to the final post in our Indoor-Energy Series. If you have been following the steps in the previous posts you are smiling from ear to ear because you finally know how to create your very own Happy Place. The Art of Interior Harmony post provides you with tips on how to clear out old energy and kick-start a positive lifestyle. In 3 Quick Tips To Amplify Your Spaces you picked up some tips on how to super-charge the Chi in your space.

And today, you get to see how to set up an enchanting indoor garden that will bring even more balance into your space and leave you feeling like your spirit has taken flight.

One of the most wonderful things about being human, is that you have the freedom to make choices. Although you cannot always determine what happens during the course of your day, you do have some control over your own happiness. You are born with an inner compass that always points you in the right direction. Inorder to make choices that are right for you, you just have to know how to follow it.

You might be thinking that this is easier said than done. But it really is quite simple. Just close your eyes and see where your mind takes you…

The sun kisses your skin, there is a warm breeze caressing your face and fresh air fills your lungs. Whether you have been transported to the top of a mountain, are standing on a tropical beach or overlooking a tranquil lakeside retreat, the point is that your mind is telling you that it is time to get outdoors and re-charge with positive energy.

The unfortunate truth is that we cannot always just pack a suitcase and go on holiday. But, the good news is that you can bring the holiday to you. All you have to do is plant a seed and literally watch as your happiness grows. Better still, in this post you learn how to do it with a touch of Goddess magic.

Expand the corners of your Interior

You already know that Chi is the life force that drives you. Therefore, balancing the Chi from outdoors with that found in your interior space, will provide you with the finishing touch the process of creating all-round harmony.

Remember that your spirit is the center of your own universe. And so, an indoor garden best suited to you will be designed around the things that keep your spirit fulfilled.

The center of your chosen area will be associated with the Universe: your inner power, new life and amplified energy. Try to incorporate ellipse shapes to connect to higher consciousness. The colours best suited to this part of the garden are opalescent colours such as platinum, gold and bronze.

To help you enjoy many relaxing moments in your garden, you can start by placing your Spirit Objects in the center of your space. These are carefully selected items that will make you feel like your can shut the world out for a few hours. 

You can include a hammock, large cushions on the floor or a suspended swing in the center of the space. Add features such as carvings of Deities, religious symbols, musical instruments and biblical artifacts to enhance the tranquil effects of the garden.  You should soon be on your way to taking comfort in a much-deserved break.

Let the elements show you the way

Once you have decided on the Spirit Objects, it’s time to start placing plants into the garden. You will do this with the help of the Cardinal Points and corresponding elements. Have a look at the cards above to getter better insight as to how to layout the space. Before you begin though, it is important to determine in which direction your room is facing so that you can accurately place the plants.

Feel free to print out the cards and cut them out to help you along as you get started. Have some fun mixing and matching colours and elements as well as shapes, sounds and smells. Create a garden that is not only optically pleasing, but is a delight to all your five senses.

The sound of flowing water from a mini-fountain is a wonderful example of a feature in the West. Or perhaps electric candles tucked away among the plants in the East. Imagine how thrilled you might feel if you take your shoes off and let your feet delight in the texture of artificial grass on the floor beneath them.

When choosing your plants, you don’t have to plant seeds. You can also buy mature plants. Don’t be shy to experiment with vertical gardens to make a bland wall all the more interesting. You can even hang air-plants in the space to make it dynamic. Get creative with planting pots; there are thousands of cool choices out there to mix and match.

Mixing colourful flowers together is also not a problem either. Go on, live a little! Mother Nature is playful in her design, and you can be too.

Your garden doesnt have to be large at all. You can also create several mini gardens all over your home. Whether it is on your balcony or in the corner of your bedroom, the point is to have a space that feels just right for you. Here you can escape with a cup of coffee, switch of from the daily hussle and bussle and breathe in positive energy. 

What’s in store?

The Holiday Season is just around the corner and it’s time to get those Christmas stockings out. And ofcourse, you also need a place to hang them. So, in the upcoming posts, you get to learn how to make your very own faux fireplace just in time for Christmas.  

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