The Waldkindergarten Mural

The Design Story

This colourful mural was commissioned by the Evangelischer Waldkindergarten. The establisment places value on letting children spend their days outdoors learning about the beauty of their surroundings.

Design Inspiration

The kindergarten is located in the heart of the Schorfheide in Germany, a region known for its magnificent surroundings. The area’s fairytale forests, luscious landscapes and crystal clear lakes provided a majectic backdrop for the design of the mural.

It was requested that the final painting was to highlight both the kindergarten building and the kindergarten’s log cabin, which is found in the forest. In addition, a fence that was part of the original wall was to be included in the design.

All of the elements in the mural were individually hand-drawn before they were combined to create the final scene.

The Design Process

In the space of a week, a bland wall underwent an amazing transformation. The evolution of the child-like dream can be followed in the six stages below. 

Stage 1

Old deco was removed from the wall

Stage 2

The wall was primed to create a dream-like effect

Stage 3

The image was drawn onto the wall 

Stage 4

The addition of colour slowly brought the mural to life

Stage 5

Highlights and shadows were added to create depth

Stage 6

Beyond the garden gate lies the path to their dreams

The Design Impact

Every child added their own personal touch during the stages of the design. They delighted in being part of the painting process and loved watching the story unfold at the end of each day.

The sheer size of the mural is awe-inspiring for the children. The field of depth created in the scene, vastly expands their room and makes the final effect of the mural a truly mesmerising one.

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